The Cornish Legends series

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The Return to Zennor

Mermaids, myths and a summer holiday adventure to remember.

Sam is an adventure loving boy who loves to spend his school holidays, kayaking, trekking and camping with his mum. Sadly, this school holidays he is taking the long winding journey to Cornwall where he will spend the holidays in the remote village of Zennor with his Grandmother.

Little did Sam know; the village of Zennor was once told to be the home of the mermaid Morvoren, who was about to make her return.

But mermaids don’t exist, do they?

Well Sam was about to find out and so shall you.

Follow Sam and his adventure in this simple chapter book for children aged 5 to 9. Broken down into smaller chapters this series is an ideal start into independent reading or can equally be enjoyed as a family bedtime read.

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In the Footprints of Giants

Sam returns to Cornwall and yet another thrilling adventure awaits him.

This time the sleepy seaside town of Marazion, nestled under the shadow of St Michael's Mount, is left with a mystery that cannot be solved, giants footprints.

Legend tells that the giant Cormoran built St Michael's mount many centuries ago. Cormoran was a tyrannical giant that terrorised the people of Cornwall but was defeated by Jack the giant slayer and never seen again.

Could the footprints be Cormoran returning or is it just some elaborate hoax.

Sam, joined by his new friend Millie, is determined to find out.


Never Trust a Piskie

The third instalment in the Cornish legends series. Sam discovers a mythical creature that hasn't been seen in 500 years.

Sam was making a permanent move to Cornwall and unbeknown to him, he was following in the footsteps of Cornish Piskies. Soon these two worlds would collide, but Piskies are known for their mischief and leading people astray, would Sam ever make it out of the Piskie realm?

This instalment see’s Sam tumbling into an adventure that leads him to the centre of the most famous Cornish legend, the castle of Tintagel.

Illustrated by alex

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Jack Rabbit and Moon is the story of a rude and stubborn Jack Rabbit that searches the desert for knowledge. The journey involves a special cactus blossom, butterfly wings and the Moon. The search for knowledge leads Jack Rabbit to learn a great lesson.


A lovely picture book highlighting that children can do anything, be anything if they dream big enough and believe in themselves. The book uses illustrations of animals to show that we all have dreams and that those dreams can be achieved.

A donation to the British Heart Foundation will be made from sales of this book.

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This book shows the beauty of humpback whales and their plight in overfished, polluted oceans.

Maximus is a huge character but doesn't look like his friends; his fluke is, quite frankly, very plain. He is a curious humpback and becomes tangled up with a large plastic bag and fishing net rope. Luckily rescue is at hand and Maximus is saved. 

The sea needs everyone's friendship and support, so, for every sale of this book, a donation will be made to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. 

Written by alex

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Arthurs Garden

Arthur has a garden. He grows tall trees, beautiful flowers and yummy scrummy vegetables. Unfortunately one day he wakes up and things just aren't quite right.

Follow Arthur to find out who has caused his garden destruction and how he learns to think of others.

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My Super Secret Story

Ever wanted to write your own book, be the main character, discover your inner superhero? This is the book for you! Work through each self guided activity to build and illustrate your story in an easy step by step manner. This books makes writing fun and encourages creativity. Making each child the centre of the story allows for self reflection and personal growth.

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The Rabbit and the Spring Song

Rabbit heads through the forest as winter ends in search of a noise that catches his attention. Through his journey he discovers all the signs of the forest waking up for spring.


The Rabbit and the Stars

A lonely rabbit in the depth of winter uses he stars to guide his way to finding friendship.