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Sam returns to Cornwall and yet another thrilling adventure awaits him.

This time the sleepy seaside town of Marazion, nestled under the shadow of St Michael's Mount, is left with a mystery that cannot be solved, giants footprints.

Legend tells that the giant Cormoran built St Michael's mount many centuries ago. Cormoran was a tyrannical giant that terrorised the people of Cornwall but was defeated by Jack the giant slayer and never seen again.

Could the footprints be Cormoran returning or is it just some elaborate hoax.

Sam, joined by his new friend Millie, is determined to find out.

The Cornish legends series is an unillustrated story book designed to be enjoyed as an easy first independent chapter book or family bedtime story. The shorter chapters help break the story down into bite size pieces so as not to overwhelm young readers.

This adventure tale, rooted in Cornish legend, is a short chapter book aimed at independent readers age 6 upwards.


 Total page count: 108

Size: 13.5 x 20 cm

In the Footprints of Giants

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