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an image from the poem "But Why" of a vine, pink flower and spikey leaf all in conversation.

Poetry Competition

The competition is open to all children aged 12 and under, based in the UK. The entry pack is specially designed for schools to get the most out of the poem, with suggested lesson plan and additional content.

Into the Willow Wood

Into the Willow Wood Cover features a night time scene with woodland willow trees to the left and right. There is glowing yellow and multicoloured light behind the trees, a butterfly in the foreground and a fairy watching on. The text in Gold reads Into the Willow Wood in the centre.

Step into the enchanting realm of 'Into the Willow Wood,' a captivating poetry treasury by Johanne Lee tailored for young minds aged 7-11. Immerse your child in a world of whimsical verses and enchanting tales set to release in the spring of 2024.


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Join us on this poetic journey, where imagination knows no bounds and the wonder of words comes to life.


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a preview of the primary school lesson plans and activity sheets.

About Johanne

Meet Johanne Lee, a Manchester born poet crafting verses for both children and adults. Through her poetry, Johanne aspires to foster awareness and inspiration, touching the hearts of readers with words that resonate. Not only does she weave enchanting tales for the young minds, but she also dedicates a portion of her creative journey to supporting various charities. Each sale of her work contributes to making a positive impact. Join Johanne on this literary voyage where words become a powerful force for change and inspiration. Explore the world of her poetry and discover the magic of storytelling with a purpose,

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Johanne Lee's poetry with purpose logo featuring a book open in the centre with a whale, house, bee, rainbow. heart, badger and star flying out.
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